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  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support

  • National Slavery & Human Trafficking Prevention Month

  • National "Thank YOU" Month
  • National Cervical Cancer Awareness Month
    SSLW annual volunteer service is required of ALL scholarship applicants.

  • Adopt Schools: Provide Services & Resources

  • Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting 1 of 4 and Advisory Board Meeting 1 of 2

  • Join Zoom Meeting: Saturday, January 28, 2023, 10:00am - 11:00am    ​

  •  4th Sat., (28): 11:00am - 12:00pm, Virtual Volunteer Deputy  Registrar (VDR)

    • ​Pre Registration via is appreciated  by January 27, but no one will be turned away who signs in day of training. Will you please type your name, VDR #, and mobile in the subject bar? An email confirmation will be sent within 24 hours. See YOU on January 28, 2023, 10:55-11:05am in waiting room. Please keep your camera on with first and last name visible. Take notes. Will YOU please encourage others to take training & test?

    • Join Zoom Meeting


    • Meeting ID: 793 9183 0947

    • Passcode: 42mrNN

  •  Will YOU please pre read VDR Training, PDF, 47 pages by Secretary of State-  

  • FYI: Only 10% of VDR trainees take the required test.  YOU  must take test.

  • Veterans and Military Members, Thank YOU for your sacrifice and service!

    • Donations drive to support​ the DeBakey Veterans Affairs Medical Center will take place from January 1- 29. Items will be delivered January 30 or 31.

    • ​Requested donations:

      • ​Large and regular puzzles

      • Sudoku books

      • Decks of playing cards

      • Sketch books

      • Coloring pencils 

      • Markers

      • Chap Sticks

    •  For details, contact: & 

  • American Heart Month

  • Teen Dating Violence Month

  • Special Requests and Collaborations


  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support

  • National Teen Dating Violence Awareness and Prevention Month

  • 4th Saturday(25): 1:30pm-3:30pm, African American History Program -, Contact, &   Free and Open the Public. 

    • Fort Bend County Libraries - Sugar Land Branch, STEAM Education 
    • 550 Eldridge Rd.
    • Sugar Land, TX 77478​​
  • Seniors Enrichment: Ongoing Services & Resources

  • Families Outreach

  • Adopt - A - Spot Quarterly Clean Up

  • African American History Month

  • Special Requests and Collaborations


  • Global Health Pandemic Support

  • 4th Saturday(25): 11:00am- 12:00pm, "SSLW Honors", "Women Who Tell Their Stories"       34th Women's History Month Salute. Details, & Free and Open to the Public.

  • ​​Thank YOU for joining SSLW & Partners as we honor, celebrate, and thank these diverse and powerful women who encourage, educate, equip, engage, and empower others to succeed in school and life! These  2023 Women's History Honorees cheerfully, willingly, and generously serve with their hearts, heads, and hands in Fort Bend County, Texas and Beyond. ​ They are our unsung sheros!

  • How to Conduct Pleasant, Productive, and Powerful Meetings

  • National Nutrition Month

  • Special Requests and Collaborations


  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support

  • 4th Saturday(22) 10:00 - 11:00am-Board of Directors (BOD) Meeting, 2 of 4:  Join Zoom Meeting

  • 4th Saturday (22): 11:00am-12:00pm - "Financial Literacy "  Free and Open to the public. Details, &

  • Dress For Success: Gently Worn, Women, Professional, Plus Size, Suits, Panty Hose, Shoes, & Colorful Scarves​

  • Special Requests & Collaboration

  • Earth Day, April  22, supports environmental protection in 193 countries since  its creation by Senator Gaylord Nelson of Wisconsin in 1970.

  • National Financial Literacy Month

  • National Minority Health Month

  • National Child Abuse Prevention Month

  • Special Requests and Collaborations


  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support

  •  01:National Prayer's Day

  • Election: 1st Tuesday

  • Senior Citizens Month Project - Details,  

  • Designated in 1963 by John F. Kennedy and National Council of Senior Citizens

  • Adopt-A-Spot Quarterly Clean Up 

  •  Teacher & Staff Appreciation                   

  • Special Requests & Collaborations

  • Women's Health  Month

  •  National Mental Health Awareness Month

  • National Foster Care Month.

  • Special Requests and Collaborations


  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support​

  • June 01 - 30 Only: First-Time & Continuing Scholarship Applications, Photos, Unofficial and Official Transcripts, Two Reference Letters, Essays, & Bursar's Forms Accepted Online.   SSLW annual service (in person or virtual) is required of ALL scholarship applicants.  Read carefully; follow instructions. Scholarship awards are based on funds raised. Question, please call or text.

  • Career Gear Houston: gently worn men's shoes, belts, & socks

  • Education, Training, and Service Opportunities

  • New Board Members Development

    • Written commitment, interview, two-third vote, and donation/dues required

  • Men's  Health Month

  • June is  National Safety Month.

  • Special Requests and Collaborations


  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support

  • Independence Day is July 04.

  • July 01 - 10: Scholarship & Support Committee reviews online submitted applications & bursar's forms, etc.  

  • July 11-20: Notify all applicants. Award scholarships.

  • July 21-31: Mail checks to universities and copies to recipients\      parents\guardians. Committee's decisions are final.                         

  • Seniors Enrichment: Special Requests 

  • Education, Training, and Service Opportunities

  • Adopt-A-Spot Quarterly Clean Up

  • Saturday, July 22 or 29, 2023, 10:00 - 11:o0am, Board of Directors Meeting #3 of 4 and Advisory Board Meeting #2 of 2.                  

  • Join Zoom Meeting

  • Sunday, 23 or 30, 2-4pm: "College Send Off" - in person - 2023  First -Time and Continuing, Full - Time, Enrolled, Scholarship Recipients.  BY INVITATION ONLY.  Documentation of your TWO Vaccinations & TWO Boosters Required via Email with RSVP and Onsite. RSVP  Required by Wednesday, July 27, 11:59pm via email with your Name, High School, University, and Mobile Number in Subject Bar. Your attendance is mandatory. Questions, 713.256.7953
  • Special Requests & Collaborations


  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support

  • National Black Business Month​

  • Adopt Schools

    • Provide services & resources 

  • Families Outreach

  • Partners Appreciation 

  •  (21) World | National Senior Citizens Day:  Show Respect, Courtesy, and Honor.        Let Seniors know how much  you care and recognize their accomplishments!

  • Share  your photos via NO Meeting in August. Thank YOU!

  • Special Requests and Collaborations


  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support

  • (11) National Day of Service and Remembrance 

  • Adopt Schools

    • Provide services & resources 

  •  4th Tuesday: National Voter Registration Day

  • (28) National Good Neighbor's Day proclaimed 1978 by President Jimmy Carter

  • Special Requests and Collaborations


  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support

  • Breast  Cancer Awareness  Month

  • Domestic Violence Awareness Month

  • October 22, 10:00 - 11:00am:Members|Partners Annual Calendar & Budget  Review and Adopt Meeting 4of 4

  • Join Zoom Meeting

  • Fort Bend Countywide Colleges & Scholarships Fairs

  • Smoke Alarm Installations and Batteries Replacemen

  •  4th Saturday, National Make A Difference Day: DePelchin Children's Cente r​


  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support

  • National  Adoption Month

  • Families Outreach: Services & Resources 

  • Adopt-A-Spot Quarterly Clean Up 

  • Seniors Enrichment: Pet Food Drive

  • National Diabetes  Awareness Month

  • World Diabetes Day is November 14

  • Election: 1st Tuesday 

  • (29) Giving Tuesday", Tuesday  after Thanksgiving, is a global, cyber  initiative that encourages  giving to non profits. Your support is appreciated.

  • Special Requests and Collaboration


  • Ongoing Global Health Pandemic Support

  • 01: World AIDS Day

  • (02) National Special Education Day. The Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) was signed into law December 02, 1972.               

  • Families Outreach: Services & Resources

  • Scholarship Recipients (1989–Present) Reunion Service Project

  •  National Human Rights' Month

  •  Spiritual Literacy Month

  • Special Requests & Collaborations

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